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Portfolio Strategy - Neumann Capital Absolute Return

Our proprietary developed and real traded equity-oriented portfolio strategy NEUMANN CAPITAL ABSOLUTE RETURN" has several unique features.

The portfolio consists of three components that are held at all times.


  1. Basic portfolio: International equity portfolio via ETFs (always around 100% invested).

  2. Permanent hedging: The basic portfolio is hedged at all times using exchange-regulated derivatives (cross-hedge).

  3. Additional exchange-regulated overlay strategy to cover hedging costs: In order to earn the hedging costs, we use an exchange-regulated, proprietary overlay strategy that exists at all times and benefits from fluctuations in bull and bear markets.

Key characteristics


  • Real traded / no backtest
  • Forecast-free approach / no timing elements required
  • Permanent protection against international stock market crashes (Corona stress test successfully passed)
  • Prospect of stable positive return due to protection against stock market crashes
  • Prospect higher returns than the overall market
  • Prospect of lower drawdowns and lower volatility than the overall market (e.g. DAX 40, S&P 500, MSCI World, etc.)
  • Highest liquidity
  • Unlimited scalability




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